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The callshop industry is a very competitive market. As a provider of the best callshop solution, you are exposed to constant price pressures facing a decreasing sales revenues. To compete effectively in the telecommunications industry, you need a callshop solution partner who understands international quality call routing and telephony – 42com.
Benefit from our years of experience as a leader in callshop solution software and build your market share. We offer more than just a technical solution. With a variety of international carriers we enable you to seize the opportunities of the global ICT market so you can offer competitive international rates with quality call routing. We can also help you manage your own routes with other telco partners.
Our callshop solution is for providers who need an effective system for monitoring and managing callshop networks and want all services at attractive prices from a single source. In addition to being used at callshops, our web based callshop software can be utilized for other Point of Sales (POS), business customer connections or any subscriber administration purposes.
Our cloud-based management and web based billing platform, 42one, plays a central role. Through our system, you can create and connect POS, set flexible prices, calculate and terminate calls inexpensively with outstanding quality call routing while controlling operations with real time billing software. You can choose between the managed phone quality call routing of 42com or self routing under your own responsibility.
The best part: Our web-based billing software, used for your callshops, taxi phones, virtual phone systems, tele-boutiques and other outlets, such as markets and cyber cafés, is available for free!

Benefits at a Glance:

  • White Label Solution
  • Excellent Quality
  • Flexible Origination Options
  • Low Rates
  • Real Time Billing Software
  • Individual Quality Call Routing Models
  • Use your own route or select from over 200 routes
  • Competence in Ethnic Markets
  • Free Web Based Billing Software
White Label Solution
Sales of your own customized products under your own name and brand with your own unique designs | Access via Web-Interface | Management of user and group access rights | Configuration for partners with various rights (multi client capability) | Integration among sales tool, xy-Calling Card and mobile dialer in order to benefit from cross selling opportunities
Web Based Callshop Software
Manage master data from callshops | Setup password-protected logins to allow your callshops access to view itemized bills (CDRs), invoices and account balances
Rates Management
Individual assignment of price lists and timing rate intervals for each callshop | Price list comparison of multiple shops
Real Time Billing Software
Web based billing and credit management based on real-time CDRs | Customized credit limits and fees for each callshop | Automatic billing under your company name with your billing and customer number information
Reporting / Accounting
Real time billing software overview of payments, account balances and transaction history of connected callshops | Margin statistics for time periods, individual clients, groups and even individual calls
Billing Software
Web-based billing software for point of sales telecommunications transactions, i.e. in callshops, tele-boutiques, taxi phones or other outlets | Customer Self-Care Services for the telecom center and self-administration of cabins and users | User control, balance inquiries, setup of operational parameters such as time zone, language and tax rate
Rates Management
Independent adjustment of price lists, percentage surcharges on purchase prices, discount options, surcharges and rate plans
Real time overview of daily, monthly or annual sales
TDM Origination
Feeding on call by call and pre-selection from multiple providers in specific countries | Release of individual numbers and number blocks in parallel via two providers so that there is always a substitute supplier in case of failure
VoIP Origination
Low-cost telephony via Voice-over-IP connections in your callshops | Investment and management of SIP Accounts | SIP Settings with various parameters | Country-specific adaptation via dial plans and calling line identification restriction (CLIR) are both available and possible
TERMINATION (Additional information about our Retail Voice Termination)
Individual routing models to choose from
Managed Routing or
Self Routing
A-Z Termination
Call termination in all countries worldwide
High Voice Quality
Guaranteed high and stable voice quality
Reporting / Accounting
Quality statistics by destination, routing or carrier | Real time overview of the distribution and quality of traffic
1st, 2nd, 3rd Level Support
Technical Support, Billing Assistance and Order Support | Initial training and assistance in handling information for and on behalf of our clients
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