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Calling Cards

With the diversity of service offerings in the calling card market, innovative and reliable retail products are essential to stand out. With 42com as the best of your calling card partners, you have the option to create your own calling cards, align your company with the needs of customers, and effectively grow your revenue.
We also offer you a pioneering call through product that you can showcase to your distributors: Our xy-Card call voucher! Because of the universal use of smart phones, the telecommunication market has increasingly shifted to digital distribution.
With our new PIN-less product xy-Card, you can customize virtually everything yourself – without investing in additional hardware, software, infrastructure or technical staff. Stand out as an innovative international calling card provider which can offer SMS vouchers and call vouchers for customers on the go.
Through our web-based management and real-time billing software 42one, you can configure your calling cards, xy-Cards and SMS vouchers from any location. In addition to numerous statistical functions, you can access real-time accounting of all transactions and flexible price settings for calling card providers.
You will benefit from our wide range of call termination offers, individual routing models for your retail traffic, and the best quality at attractive per minute prices!

Benefits at a Glance:

  • White Label Solution
  • Individual Routing Models
  • Use your own route or select from over 200 routes
  • Excellent Call Quality
  • Real-time Billing
  • Low Rates
  • Numerous Statistical Functions
  • Call Through, Call Back and Text Messaging Services
  • ”On Demand” PIN Activation

Your products at a Glance:

Calling Card

The calling card is a classic credit-based calling card which can offer customers telephone calls with excellent sound quality at competitive prices. The configuration of your calling card is completed on our 42one platform. Flexible settings of price lists, rate intervals and voice quality are possible at any time.
Calling cards can be used for call through, call back and text messaging services. The end user can recharge the calling card at POS or calling an access number. Upon first use, the caller ID information (CLI) is recorded upon request so that a recurring PIN input is no longer required after the first time. This is convenience at its best.


The xy-Card (call voucher) is a virtual credit card that has the same function as a calling card. The end customer can determine the level of credit available and the card is generated “on demand”. Instead of a plastic card, the customer receives a receipt with all major access numbers.
The xy-Card are therefore product offerings without any logistical complexities. No printing orders, no shipping and no waste of inventory. The xy-Card can be recharged at any one of your POS’s, giving you more sales and better revenues. Create long-term customer loyalty by offering a large selection of products, and flexible minutes that the customer wants!

White Label Solution
Sales of your own products under your own name and brand, with your own unique, customized design | Access via Web-Interface | Management of user and group access rights | Configuration for calling card partners with various rights (multi-client capability) | Integration among sales tool, xy-Calling Card and mobile dialer in order to benefit from cross selling opportunities
Telephony Services
Make a choice among several different telephony services | Integration among sales tool, xy-Calling Card and mobile dialer in order to benefit from cross selling opportunities
Call Through, Call Back, Text Messaging Call Through, Call Back, Text Messaging
Product Configuration
Charging service credit possible at all points of sale of a distributor | Redial | Language Options | Announcements and interactive voice response service (IVR) to manage the call flow | CLI Registration
Account Balance
Set the value amount of service credit of the product
Amount defined by Provider Amount freely selectable by End Customer
PIN Management
Setup PINs and Serial Numbers by batch process via web-based Interface | Configuration of the duration of validity and value of the cards | Depositing of price lists | Overview of itemized bills (CDR) | CSV Download
Necessary before configuring PINs On Demand Creation without PIN configuration
Dial-in Numbers
Available national and international geographic-based calling numbers, free numbers (0800) and other value-added service numbers
Rates and Pulsing
Independent adjustment of price lists, percentage surcharges on purchase prices and discount options, bonuses and rate plans | Upload function available
Flatrate Options
Minute quotas for multiple destinations to independently configured country rates
Real-time billing and credit management | Setup individual credit limits and commissions | Automatic billing under your company name with billing and customer number information | Integration of various interfaces to external payment service providers
Prepaid Prepaid
Real-time overview of payments, account balances and transaction history
PIN Touch
Load credit to the account of your distributor (POS) only at the moment the end user enters the account PIN. This special feature reduces the capital requirement
Margins Statistics
Margin statistics for time periods, individual clients, groups, product groups down through to individual calls
Calling Card Activation Statistics
Overview of all configured calling cards
Special Calling Card Statistics
Overview of calling cards sorted by user group
xy-Card Call Vouchers Statistics
Insight regarding the number of sales of xy-card call vouchers per reseller with respective value balances and dates
TERMINATION (Additional information about our Retail Voice Termination)
Routing Options
Different routing models to choose from
Managed Routing or
Self Routing
Managed Routing or
Self Routing
A-Z Termination
Call termination in all countries worldwide
High Voice Quality
Guaranteed high and stable voice quality
Reporting / Accounting
Quality statistics by destination, routing or carrier | Real-time overview of the distribution and quality of traffic
1st, 2nd, 3rd Level Support
Technical Support, Billing Assistance and Order Support | Initial training and assistance in handling information for and on behalf of our customers
Fraud Management
High security standards and fallback function
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