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Service Delivery Platform Makes Connections!

The 42 Service Delivery Platform is your hub for accessing cutting edge communications. Thanks to innovative in-house development, telecommunication and Internet services can be configured in a Cloud, where they’re executed, controlled and administrated.

The user decides what’s possible

In addition to the usual parameters, such as convenient global telephony, combined with high calling quality and certified data security, the 42 Service Delivery Platform can fulfill specific user requirements. These frequently include much more than the services offered by traditional telephony vendors.
The platform maps functionalities for the entire telecommunications business chain: Sales management, registration and administration of customers, payment management functions and evaluation tools. The platform provides sophisticated telecommunications options for professionals, ranging from technical resources such as Hosted Switch Class 4 and Class 5 via mobile dial applications, to Cloud PBX Solutions. The flexible system is conceived in such a way that customers can configure tailor made solutions via a user surface.

Don’t put it off until tomorrow

Our development team is constantly working on expanded functions, in order to react to new market demands. We make use of technological progress and think ahead – without losing sight of the real market situation. Who knows what the next feature in the area of telecommunications will be; the 42 Service Delivery Platform can supply the function behind the concept right now! Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Garantie.
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