REST API version 2

We are very proud to present the new version (number 2) of our REST’ful API. We invested a lot of time to stabilize the current running version. A better security concept has been implemented and we are now able to identify all resources with just one GET parameter.

Some facts:

  • the authentication is not username and password any more – we are now building and hmac and compare those hashes for login
  • the not REST conform usage of sessions is gone
  • every single request is stateless
  • the identifier ‘v’ for the object notation is gone
  • there is a normalized envelop as a standard json result on every request

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format.
It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate.

Now have a look at the new, smaller and faster implementation at and change your external application to the new version located at for example.

If you have any questions or other issues please feel free to contact our devops center at any time.

Best regards, your 42com development.

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