Establish your minute packages or flatrates now!

We finalize the new and comprehensive feature called “contingents” on our platform. As 42com Partner from now you are able to create contingents of minutes to produce and sell packages of minutes or flatrates! With the flexible configuration of each contingent you are able to define the key parameters like the amount, the destinations, the valid period and the price separately.

See how easy it is to create a contingent here on YouTube:
Contingents – How to (Part 1)

What to do next?

As a callshop, calling card or xy-card provider you can now offer minute packages (e.g. 1000 minutes) for your end customer product and hence your customers. These customers can then use the allocated contingent of minutes in the time period specified by you – independent of fluctuating prices! This new function also allows you to offer a flatrate option for call through, call back and VoIP services.

See how to build the product (package) from an existing contingent on YouTube:
Contingents – How to (Part 2)

And last but not least you need to bring that package as a product on your website. Your customers will be able to buy that flatrate e.g. with the existing prepaid credit balance from the account.

How to add the products dynamically to your webpage we show you here on YouTube:
Contingents – How to (Part 3)

The Template is available here: Download Template

Various statistics for individual contingents are available. You can see details for all contingents or just for one group. Here you can determine all customer data, their activities, duration of calls as well as costs, revenues and the resulting margin exactly.

Take the opportunity and offer your customers a flatrate option and boost your own market potential.

You can set up your own “contingent” independently on the 42one platform. A step-by-step instruction can be found in our User Guide “help.doc”. For further questions you can reach out for our sales team by telephone +1 (716) 332-3972 or by e-mail to Give it a try! We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your 42com International Team

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