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Mobile Dialer

Mobile Dialer is a mobile white label VoIP app solution for the Android and iOS operating systems brought to you by the best VoIP provider, 42com. With this international telco app you can offer your end users a simple and convenient call routing service to make phone calls using your calling cards and xy-Cards. Mobile Dialer takes care of the necessary telephone number and PIN inputs for your end users, as long as they are connected to a data connection. Only a one-time registration and/or PIN entry is required. It supports 3G/4G and GPRS standards and is available as an Android VoIP app or iPhone VoIP app.
It is no longer necessary, to remember and enter the access number, PIN, and destination number for every call. There is only a one-time registration and/or PIN entry required. Using the call history and credit display, users will have full control of the costs of the call routing service at any time with our billing software system. Calling cards can also be charged directly from the white label VoIP app solution (currently only on the Android VoIP app.
It has never been easier to make calls; Mobile Dialer accesses the device’s phone directory, and eliminates having to select the destination number. With the international telco app you may create an individual design and choose between call through, call back, VoIP and text messaging services. All calling cards can be accessed via Mobile Dialer. If you want to learn further details about the features of our app, then please visit our developer page.
In the era of smartphones our international telco app provides real added value to your existing calling card products. Offer your customers the chance to make calls more easily and conveniently using Mobile Dialer, and optimize your minute volumes and profit! Let us take care of the direct call routing and billing management as your VoIP service provider with the highest quality routes with our hosted PBX.
To fully round out your offering and build long-term customer loyalty, we recommend the all-inclusive package of our international telco app, our xy-Card and your own user friendly sales website. Combine the best VoIP software with the highest quality routes to boost your business prospects. Learn more about the integrated all inclusive business model with 42call SMART!

Benefits at a Glance:

  • White Label VoIP App Solution: Custom logo and colors
  • Services are device-independent (Android VoIP app, iPhone VoIP app)
  • Ease of use for your end users
  • Tap into unexploited potential customers
  • No setup or configuration needed
  • Excellent Call Quality
  • Call Through, Call Back, VoIP and Text Messaging
  • Simple distribution of international telco app via QR-Code
Registration form (Android)| Access information via E-Mail | Automatic login after initial registration
Account Management
Viewable master data | One-time PIN entry | Phonebook access | Per-minute price display for destination number | Real-time credit display | Call history | Add credits by PIN entry | Credit alert | Summary of individual calls and invoices
Telephony Services
Make a choice among several different telephony services
Call Through, Call Back, VoIP, Text Messaging
Own number configuration | Selection of country-specific access numbers | Set call-in number types | Site selection for call through | Editing of VoIP-settings
Offline Modus
Functionality available in offline mode
Call Through, Call Back
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