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With the rapid growth of smartphones and mobile Internet in everyday life, a technological change in the telecommunications industry has occurred. An international call app for mobile devices from a VoIP service provider is now more in demand than ever. Become a part of the fast-growing retail market in fixed and mobile Internet! With 42smart you open up new revenue opportunities by combining the strengths of the sale at the Point of Sale (POS) with the opportunities of online trading using a white label telco app!

The Basis: Our xy-Card

The foundation for your business success is built upon our proven xy-Card from our Calling Card Business Solution. This call through product can act as a virtual credit card that has the same functions as a calling card, but can be set up without logistics, and the end users can set up their own account. With our web-based 42one Management and Accounting platform you can configure, manage and monitor your own products through our web based billing system software.

The distribution module for your POS

The special features of 42smart include a web-based billing and distribution module for your POS resellers and associates to sell the xy-Card voucher to end users. Numerous automated processes will help you and your resellers minimize sales administration expenses by directing international routing and web based billing in a centralized location on your own website as a VoIP service provider. Avoid inconvenient calling card business problems that your competitors have, and go with the 42smart solution.

Your new retail business website

Furthermore, 42smart includes a WordPress retail business site which you can customize as you wish. This provides you with a powerful marketing tool to sell your product even more successfully on the Internet. With our VoIP Voice API abilities, the possibilities are limitless for providing cutting edge technology to your customers while maintaining a brand as an innovative calling card business.

The White Label Telco App

Our All-in-One-Solution is complemented by a Hybrid International Call App: 42smart is compatible with the free international call app “TheDialer” and offers your end users a simple and convenient way to make calls using your calling cards and/or the xy-Cards. Alternatively, with our White Label Telco App Solution you can create an individual design and choose between Services call through, call back, VoIP Voice API and SMS. Want to know more about our 42smart offer? Then give us a call!

Benefits at a Glance:

  • White Label Solution
  • Self-management
  • Individual design for the retail website and international call app
  • Call Through, Call Back, VoIP Voice API and SMS-Service
  • Services are device-independent (Android, iOS, fixed line)
  • Excellent Call Quality
  • Low per-minute prices
  • Flexible tariff plans
  • Individual Routing Models
  • Real-time Web Based Billing

Your ready-made business model:

Distribution Module

The functions of the distribution module include registration, adding credit, and setup of additional tariff options for end users. You can control and manage all activities of your resellers in real time on the 42one Platform web based billing system software. Let us be your calling card business partner and VoIP service provider!

White Label Telco App

42smart is compatible with the free international call app “TheDialer”. Alternatively, you can offer your end users a convenient White Label Telco App Solution for making international phone calls. For product differentiation and customer loyalty you can individually design the appearance and the functionality of the app itself.

Retail Business Website

The website provides a front-end store for your customers and a back-end billing software system which serves as the administrative area for end users. With this they can register an account, add credit, review their account in real time, and configure other account details and information for their convenience.

CARD ADMINISTRATION (For more information about our Calling Card Solution)
Administration | Rates Management | Billing | Statistics | Termination | Support
Automated Registration Process
Registration form for POS | Automatic creation of a payment and commission account during registration | Access information via E-Mail
Account Management
Adding to credit balance | Display account in real-time
Card Management
Registration of end users | Creation and adding credit to cards | PIN-transaction via SMS | Setup of additional tariff options
Individual design of commercial website (based on WordPress)
Registration form for end customers | Access information via E-Mail
Account Management
Adding to credit balance | Setup of additional tariff options | Display account in real-time | Review individual calls and invoices
Telephony Services
Make a choice among several different telephony services
Call Through, Call Back, VoIP Voice API, Text Messaging
CLI addition or change for call through and call back | Forwarding | Edit VoIP Voice API-settings | view country-specific access numbers and call back numbers
International Call App (Additional information about our White Label Telco App Solution)
Registration| Account Management | Telephony Services | Settings | Offline Modus
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