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The time is ripe for innovation

42com Telecommunication GmbH was founded 2002 in Berlin. A significant year in the development of the European telecommunication market that had just recently created a sensation by the initiation of the so-called “Telecom Package”. The new laws for harmonization of electronic communications networks outlined new rules while lowering the entrance barriers for free providers and allowing open competition.

Cloud-based telecomunication services made in Berlin

One of the obstacles that business newcomers must overcome is the acquisition of expensive management and accounting software. Brothers and executive partners Thomas and Alexander Reinig from Berlin were aware of this demand and developed software that offers all of the sought-after features. The management and accounting platform allows users to make, control, manage and analyze VoIP calls. No purchase of this software is required, and does not need to be installed on your own network. Instead, the required modules are available on a rental basis. 42com was already using cloud technology – long before this term became established. This innovative custom development for web-based telecommunications has become the foundation for a range of successful applications.

Keep your head in the clouds, but your feet on the ground

Founded 15 years ago as a small start-up enterprise, 42com is now established on an international level. More than 200 companies from different countries and industrial sectors benefit from the technical expertise of 42com. From white label solutions for network operators to hosted switch services for key accounts to mobile telephone applications – our enterprising perfectionists are experts in finding solutions for almost anything imaginable.
The company has once again been listed in Technology Fast 50, where in Deloitte selects the 50 fastest growing German companies in terms of entrepreneurial spirit and boldness.
Our English subsidiary 42com International Ltd. was founded in 2012.
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